How A Small Group Of Amateur History Buffs Was Saved By A Plumbing Company

Instead of writing my usual report of the most recent meeting of the Jenin Inquiry Review Group, I would like to devote this blog post to the heroic services of Terre Haute Plumbing Services (

The winters here in Terre Haute, Indiana can be absolutely unforgiving. Freezing temperatures can last a long time, even when the sun is out and shining.

Most natives have learned to prepare for these winters: keep good cold weather gear in the closet; start collecting wood the year before if you have a wood burning stove; winterize the aging pipes in your home.

Best of all, keep your friends close for some extra warmth.

That’s why I like to volunteer my house for our weekly Jenin Inquiry Review Group meetings during the winter. There is nothing like coffee and history with a group of amateur historian friends when the weather isn’t good.

I have lived here for many years, so you can imagine my shock when our last meeting was interrupted by an unexpected surprise: as we were sitting in my living room, talking about the building of the Berlin Wall (which is one of our favorite perennial topics), one of the guys in the group noticed a pool of water coming from underneath the crack of the door to my bathroom.



A leak of that size, during the winter, could only mean one thing. Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed as I ducked down under the sink: a busted pipe.

Thankfully, I’ve learned to keep Terre Haute Plumbing Services on my speed dial.

One of their plumbers came right away, which was amazing given the hour of the day, or rather the night.

After he shut off the water and looked over the pipe, it didn’t take long for the plumber to confirm that the pipe was indeed busted. But to my surprise, he had a pipe clamp right there in his truck.

A half hour later, the pipe was fixed, and the meeting continued on.

If you are a local in Terre Haute, let me pass along some advice: don’t underestimate our winters. People like Terre Haute Plumbing Services can’t bail everyone out of a jam. But if you ever find yourself in a jam like we were, Terre Haute Plumbing Services is the place to call!